Killer Mike Apologizes & Blames NRA For Using Interview As “Weapon” Against Marchers

Killer Mike got a trending Twitter topic after a controversial interview with the NRA (National Rifle Association) went viral. Now, the Run The Jewels MC have issued an apology on Instagram.

“I took a move out of one of my heroes’ book, Dr. Martin Luther King … and I sat with people who I might not always agree with,” he begins. “I did an interview about black gun ownership in this era. That interview was used a week later by NRATV to disparage a very noble campaign that I actually support.”

He continues, “I wanna say first I’m sorry guys. I’m sorry that an interview that I did about a minority, black people in this country, and gun rights was used as a weapon against you guys. That was unfair to you and it was wrong. It disparaged the very noble work you’re doing. The work you’re doing is self-motivated, self-initiated and it’s noble. I think you should be doing this.”


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