DMX Must Pay $2.3M In Restitution For Tax Evasion

Update on DMX, a judge has ordered him to pay $2.3 million to the IRS in restitution. He was recently sentenced to 365 day’s in prison for tax evasion.

Reported by TMZ, the judge is allowing X (real name Earl Simmons) to pay the exorbitant amount in monthly installments. He will have to pay 10 percent of his gross monthly income every month until it’s paid off starting two months after his release from prison,.

X also have to participate in an outpatient mental health program and outpatient substance abuse program once he’s out.

He will reportedly serve his time at Danbury Federal Correctional Facility. It is a low-security prison in Danbury, Connecticut that was the inspiration for the hit HBO show Orange Is The New Black. 

X is currently being held at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.


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