Tupac Disses Dr. Dre, JAY-Z, De La Soul & More In Handwritten “7 Day Theory” Liner Notes

In the handwritten letter, allegedly written by Tupac Shakur, he insults multiple Hip Hop stars and explicitly blames Walter “King Tut” Johnson and Jacques “Haitian Jack” Agnant for the shooting at Quad Recording Studios in 1994.

The harsh writing calls Dr. Dre a “[closet] homo,” Shakur sarcastically thanks Mobb Deep for letting him squash their “no record selling asses [to] dust” he also criticizes blasts De La Soul and Nas for being mad at him because they “live like fat washed up bums.” Shakur also takes shots at Jimmy Henchman, Lil Kim, JAY-Z, Faith Evans and Wendy Williams.

In the last portion of the letter, beginning with “WAR TIME” in all capital letters, reads exactly as it does on the final version of The 7 Day Theory liner notes. The album was released a few months after Shakur’s murder in 1996.

Read it below.



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